OMcore: ab-centric 

Ab-centric is a 30 minute abdominal workout focused on the core – concentrating on all the abdominal muscles and core-stabilizers.  This abs class will get your heart racing and abs working!

Duration: 30 minutes  //  Class level: All levelsClass Type: Strength

OMcore: ab-centric pilates

This class can be described as a pilates fitness fusion. It is a dynamic blend of pilates repertoire to build core strength interspersed with fun cardio drills. The class finishes with deep yoga stretches to increase flexibility and calm the senses.  As a participant you can expect to get your heart pumping while focusing on toning your muscles, increasing endurance and improving your flexibility. 

Duration: 60 minutes  //  Class level: All levels  //  Class Type: Strength/Flexibility/Cardio