OMtri*be is a multi-sport focused training group.

Through efficiency and effectiveness, the OMtri*be member will become empowered beyond the hype and be able to excel and exceed beyond whatever personal fitness/training goals they set. Each athlete will have the opportunity to set personal short and long term goals. There will be monthly challenges that will give    athletes an opportunity to challenge themselves and each other-- igniting a sense of cOMmunity and cOMraderie that can only be created these challenging yet fun situations.

This group is for every BODY!! From those who are in their off season but don’t want to lose their fitness to those who consider themselves a novice athlete yet want to challenge their fitness level or train for an event. As an athlete I understand the high demands training requires, but as an urban city dweller I understand that I’m still going to want not only train, but to play, eat and yes...even drink. This is what OMtri*be is all about - being realistic about fitness and nutrition in an educated and thoughtful manner.

TruRunning and OMpower

TruRunning and OMpower have partnered to provide both TruRunning and OMtri*be athletes with transition training. OMtri*be members will be given the opportunity to reach beyond the studio's doors and into the cOMmunity at large. 

The OMtri*be member will have access to :

  1. Weekly Transition Training @ OMpower
  2. Community Challenges hosted by TruRunning 
  3. Dedicated Races & Volunteering Opportunities presented by TruRunning

Fur further  information about TruRunning please visit the TruRunning website

OMtri*be Members will gain

Resilience - Motivation - Focus - Strength Preparation - Vision - Openness - Trust - Support and the knowledge that as an OMtri*be runner you are Running for a Reason


Weekly Runs (check the regular OMpower schedule) - Brick Workouts - Community Fitness Challenges - Fundraising - Volunteering - Racing and Social Events

How to Join

Check out the OMtri*be calendar @ OMpower - pick a workout and ...COME RUN WITH US


Contact  Paige (aka. Your coach) TODAY!!! via email or through social media links.

email :

IG/FB: OMtribe1


January Events

  • 1/10/2016 @Kezar 11:15am - 1pm  - track workout PLUS : S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting Workshop. Specific - Measurable - Attainable - Relevant - Time-Bound
  • 1/17/2016 @Kezar 11:15am - 1pm - track workout PLUS : Fuel & Fitness with Jennifer
  • 1/24/2016 @Kezar 11:15am - 1pm - track workout is REPLACED by Fitness Assessments. State Standards and Protocol via Fitnessgram


I strive to not only personally balance my intense training with training my ability to slow down and appreciate my body and finding mental and spiritual balance - but I encourage my clients to do the same. My experiences; educational, professional and personal, that are vast and far from one dimensional which I believe is important for clients and co-workers to observe and, hopefully, experience. I am a trainer that works my body hard, but I am an urban dweller that enjoys to play hard as well. I believe that I can put together a program that gives this experience to those who want to join in on the adventure that is finding their own way to become holistically healthy.