A total body conditioning format that includes strength in upper, lower, and core conditioning. A fast-tempo class that keeps your cardio peaked to train your stamina for all levels.

Duration: 60 minutes  //  Class level: All Levels  //  Class Type: Strength 

TRX: express

A condensed format that is great for the one on-the-go, or a hot start to transition and activate your body for our other full-format layouts.

Duration: 30 minutes  //  Class level: All levels  //  Class Type: Strength

TRX: fit & flow

A great compliment to strength training and body awareness for your yoga practice. Strengthen your whole body while flowing and transition between exercises in this up-beat yet comprehensive format.

Duration: 45 minutes  //  Class Level: All Levels  //  Class Type: Strength + Flexibility/Flow

TRX: cardio/strength circuit

A workout built around TRX and body weight, focusing on core while also incorporating legs, shoulders, arms and back. This class operates on the principle of muscular endurance and interval training. It's designed to increase energy, improve muscle tone, and increase your metabolism. The session will start with a tabata. A tabata is a high intensity workout protocol in which exercises are repeated multiple times with twenty seconds of all out effort followed by a 10 second recovery. Following the tabata, will be short time based full body circuits using the TRX & body weight.

Expect a full body workout tailored to students requests.

Duration: 60 minutes // Class Level: All Levels // Class Type: Cardio/Strength