OMpower Cycle classes incorporate a wide range of cycling techniques, training intensities, and varied landscapes. Our terrain-based classes simulate riding outdoors, and allow you to develop discipline and mental focus while getting an intense cardio workout. By varying the resistance and pedaling cadence, you control the workout intensity to suit your fitness level and training goals. This allows all levels to ride together, and safely experience the power of the pack.

cycle 30, 45 and 60

Duration: 30, 45, or 60 minutes  //  Class Level: All levels  //  Class Type: Cardio


Row 45 & Row 60 are team-based indoor-rowing classes performed on the Concept 2 rowing ergometer. Both are full-body endurance workouts that recruit the major muscle groups, ultimately providing a complete workout for both beginners and advanced athletes. OMpower coaches teach students to develop proper technique, while moving the crew from long-and-steady training sessions to higher-cadence workouts that include but are not limited to multiple series of short intervals. Our experienced OMpower coaches teach with the same team mentality that you would find as if you were rowing on the water.

row 45 or 60

Duration: 45 or 60 minutes  //  Class Level: All levels  //  Class Type: Cardio/Strength

row 30

Row 30 packs the same punch as our Row 45 & Row 60 classes, but in a truncated format that's perfect for those seeking a quick cardio-escape. If you like to dig in and get it done, then this is the perfect class for you.

Duration: 30 minutes  //  Class level: All levels  //  Class Type: Cardio/Strength

TRX + row

This is a total-body training circuit that utilizes the TRX Suspension Trainer and the Concept 2 Rower, driving balanced strength and greater cardio performance to propel your athleticism forward. The intelligent combination of strength and cardiovascular training provides students with the training tools they need to overcome plateaus, create diversity in their workouts, and build new neuromuscular connections. This is a perfect class for those looking to mix things up.

Duration: 60 minutes  //  Class Level: All levels // Class Type: Cardio/Strength