OMrow: power 

OMrow is an intimate indoor rowing class on the Concept 2 rowing ergometer. It is a full body workout that uses all the major muscle groups, providing a thorough workout for both a beginner and advanced fitness enthusiast.  Our trainers are passionate about developing proper technique while moving the crew through flowing, low-cadence long-and-steady training sessions to higher intensity, higher cadence sessions featuring a series of short intervals.  Rowing in our group setting gives you a huge motivational boost through the community spirit. Our classes are taught with the same team mentality that you would find in an actual boat, racing together. The exhilarating solo and team competition will push you to bring it, beat it and brag about it. 

Duration: 60 minutes  //  Class level: All levels  //  Class Type: Cardio/Strength


OMrow: power express 

A shorter rowing class that includes all the music and fun of our power class. You can still expect to receive an excellent full-body workout as well as coaching to develop proper technique. If you’re short on time, this is the class for you. 

Duration: 30 minutes  //  Class level: All levels // Class Type: Cardio/Strength