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January 14, 21, 28 and February 4, 2016,  6:30pm  - 8:00pm 

Join us for a 4 week series to REBOOT your health the new year.  

The key to transforming your health and body can be found in Peruvian superfoods. These foods hail from the Andes to the Amazon and are quite possibly some of the most functional foods on our planet today. Each superfood offers a different health benefit including anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, energy & immune boosting strength.

Manuel Villacorta will immerse you in a four week nutrition series to help you achieve your weight loss goals and lead a healthier lifestyle. This program encourages eating more, not less. His plan, Whole Body Reboot, is an approach that embraces Peruvian superfoods, among your American superfood favorites, as the base of your weight loss and health goals. 

The classes start with the nationally acclaimed 5-Day Nutrition Reboot program. The phase is a combination of smoothies and food, where people have been known to lose from 4-8 pounds within the first week.

During your following sessions, Manuel will provide customized meal plans, sample menus and your very own personal set of interactive online tools to keep you on track. He will also discuss how to control your hunger, maximize time for meal planning, and offer tips to increase your metabolism.


  • $250 - for 4 coaching sessions +  book + superfoods. 

Additional Detail:

Week 1: Nutrition Reboot Week
Are you feeling tired, bloated and suffering from low energy? Then this is
the perfect jump start to put you on track to losing weight. During this
session, Manuel will go into detail with the Nutrition Reboot week, which is
a combination of fully functional, balanced smoothies and accompanied with
solid foods. This week begins with a five day smoothie reboot, featuring
different colored fruits and vegetables each day so that your body receives
the widest array of antioxidants and phytonutrients, while revitalizing your
organism. Manuel will also discuss what the difference is between reboot and
detox, and how to increase energy and endurance. He will go further into
detail on how to prepare for the 5-days and discuss the importance and
health benefits of each smoothie. Manuel will also demonstrate "how to make
the perfect smoothie" and lay out a meal plan to avoid hunger during the
five days. This nutrition reboot week has been shown to help people lose
between 4-8 pounds within the five days. Following these steps will allow
you to feel great, while adding anti-aging, antioxidant, and immune boosting
strength into your daily life. By the end of this session, you will know the
importance of using the variety of fruit and vegetable colors and how to
make the perfect smoothie. You will also learn obstacles and setbacks are
inevitable, but they will learn to keep them out of your way.

Week 2: Meal Plan, Reboot Servings & Superfoods
Starting a new plan can be overwhelming for anyone, especially when you do
not have the proper tools to help you along. In this session, Manuel will
guide you and go into detail explanation of the Whole Body Reboot eating
plan, describing each food group and showcasing superfoods within each
group. He will explain your Reboot servings and how they are determined, so
that you can use them for your individualized meal plan.  Manuel will also
go through non-diet behaviors that can help boost your weight loss efforts,
making you more successful in reaching your goals. By the end of this
session, you will understand what superfoods are and how to incorporate them
into your diets. You will also know how to use your Reboot servings
throughout the day to provide lasting and sustainable energy. Lastly, you
will understand how your caloric prescription was created in order to give
you an individualized, qualitative weight loss plan.

Week 3: Embrace Your Hunger to Lose Weight
Hunger is one of the major driving forces that can either work with you or
against you during your weight loss endeavor. What most people don't realize
is that hunger needs to be understood and managed in order to gain results.
To clarify, you do not need to feel hungry to lose weight, it is not
necessary. In this session, you will be able to differentiate between the
two types of hunger, physiological and psychological, and how they can have
an impact on your overall body weight. Manuel will also go into detail on
the role that several hunger hormones, such as ghrelin, in regards to weight
management, and how you can control the unnecessary spikes. This in depth
session will allow you to understand your hunger patterns and overcome
several barriers that many people face. By the end of the session, you will
understand the importance of food combinations, frequency of meals and
snacks, and have a clear understanding of distribution of proteins and
carbohydrates throughout the day. This will allow you to lose weight and
provide you with sustainable energy.

Week 4: De-Stress to Lose Weight
Stress is poisonous to your body and your overall health. It can increase
visceral fat that sticks to your waistline, change your mood, and your
hunger levels, which in turn can alter eating habits.  In this video, Manuel
will discuss how stress releases cortisol, which can have damaging effects.
He will offer solutions and other helpful tips on how to eat while under
stress and highlight the importance of sleep, as well as how to reduce
cortisol. Manuel will also point out the benefits of eating
anti-inflammatory foods to counteract any negative effects, while also
adding anti-aging and immune boosting strength. By the end of the session,
you will recognize that your hunger is due to emotions that are affected by
stress. You will also learn several techniques to avoid stress eating.
Lastly, you will learn about the certain types of food to eat for dopamine
and serotonin production, in order to have a more relaxed day. 

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