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Chocolate and Movement Playshop

  • OMpower 66 Townsend Street San Francisco, CA, 94107 United States (map)

Come celebrate Life and Love with us as we use cacao medicine as a guide to our hearts and a driver for our bodies!

Unlike traditional cacao ceremonies, we will only use a micro dose of the medicine in order to be able to move and heat up our bodies.
We will begin our time together by sipping on a warm cacao beverage while learning about its properties and uses. We will then ground and meditate. Chant and move.

The movements will be designed to help us generate power from our center, our core and our spine. On a physical level our spine is where all movement generates from. A healthy relationship with our spine ensures safe and graceful movements. On a metaphysical level, our spine has an auspicious relationship with the main chakras. Moving from that space not only allows us to be connected to our bodies but also alows us to clear and move energies through each portal.

Come spend time with us as we work to create space within our emotional and physical bodies. Cacao and movement can be a beautiful combination as they both enhance pleasure as well as allow for energies to be felt and expressed.

Please bring a journal, or something to write on, a water bottle as it is very important to stay hydrated while working with cacao medicine, and a meditation cushion if you have one. Bolsters will be provided.

In order to benefit the most from this experience it is recommend you only eat a light meal before hand and try and avoid all stimulants that day, such as black tea and coffee.

Please RSVP so we can ensure to have enough cacao for everyone!

**Contraindications: Ceremonial grade cacao is not recommended for you if you have a serious heart condition, are taking anti depressants or are pregnant.

Pre-register now!

PRICE: Sliding scale price- please donate what you can. Suggested between $30- $60

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WHERE: OMpower- 66 Townsend St San Francisco CA 94107

Aurore and Giovanna are wisdom keepers and healers. They love life, movement and chocolate. They choose to infuse their offerings with mindfulness, heart connection and dancing as they believe those things to be key to a beautiful life.Aurore targets the movement aspect of their teachings and works on alleviating physical tensions in order to bring flexibility of spirit, while Giovanna works on providing a positive connection between our mouths and our soul. They are both students of life and are continuously growing through community offerings.

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