PowerPlaySF workouts are fun, interactive and produce positive results. 

 PowerPlaySF is partnering with OMpower to build a community of active parents and parents to be by providing a variety of fitness and wellness related services for adults, tots, and babies.

Services include:

  • Yoga/Pilates classes for mamas-to-be, babies and tots
  •  Strength Training and Weight Loss classes (childcare provided) 

Class Schedule


9:30am    Tot Play & Tone:  Pilates fitness fusion class for mom, while tot plays and learns to socialize. Reserve childcare 12 hours in advance $8.

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10:45am    Baby Play and Tone: Postnatal Pilates fitness fusion for new moms. Plan to arrive at 10:30am to settle baby. 

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9:00am     Powercamp:  Strength and Conditioning workout for parents. Babies and tots welcome in class. 

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Class Descriptions


My Fit Bump is a Pre-natal program tailored to meet the changing needs of an expectant mother through each trimester of her pregnancy. Carefully selected exercises drawing from Pilates, Yoga and Functional Fitness allow you to meet new challenges that your body presents. In the first two trimesters you will learn to engage your deepest core muscles to support the growing belly, strengthen the glutes/legs, develop the muscles in the upper body for spine health, posture and baby holding.  Then as you move into the third trimester we work on joint mobility, and flexibility through the hips, spine, and upper body while preparing the pelvic floor for labor. This is one of the safest workouts you can do when you’re expecting, but be sure to check with your doctor before you begin this or workout program and plan to bring a signed form stating you are cleared for exercise.

Baby Play&Tone: a Post-natal Mom & Baby Pilates Cardio program designed to help new moms retrain key muscles and shed baby weight. The initial focus is on strengthening the deep core, pelvic floor, and perineum muscles to avoid lower back pain, urinary incontinence and reduced sexual function. Exercises for the upper body are introduced to counterbalance the effects of breastfeeding or simply cradling baby. As mom gets stronger workouts are designed to help her loose body fat and gain muscle tone. Pre- crawlers welcome mom can plan to nurse or soothe baby as needed. We like to end each class with a soothing lullaby, gentle stretches and massage for baby. Benefits for your baby, include improved weight gain, aiding digestion, improving circulation, and easing teething pain.

Tot Play&Tone: geared toward moms with early walkers to 3 year olds.  Moms are encouraged to bring toys to share so Tots are free to roam around as the class goes on. You can expect a robust workout filled with squats, lunges, pushups, planks, burpees and more. All in an effort to keep you fit and strong for your little bundle of energy. Expect to break into frequent dance parties, sing nursery rhymes, clap for joy and blow bubbles! This fun class will leave you feeling invigorated and your little tot happy and ready for naptime.

Powercamp: a strength and conditioning workout for fitness newbies and enthusiasts alike. We like to mix it up to keep the body guessing. Expect circuits, obstacle courses and Tabata style drills while using a variety of tools like ropes, balls, sandbags, Kettlebells. Oh lets not forget and your own body weight, push ups, sprints, and ab exercises galore! As a participant, expect to get progressive results, grow stronger, leaner and faster.


$99 per month for any four classes. Drop-in $30. However, if the decision is made to sign up for four classes day of drop-in $30 will be applied to $99 so you only pay an additional $69

All classes must be used within 30 days. No refunds or extensions.

 Childcare - 10 sessions for $80 or $10 for Drop-in can be used for any classes offered Mon/Wed/Fri between 9:00 am - 11:00 am. 10-pack sessions for childcare must be used within 60 days. No refunds or extensions. 


For any questions please contact Kwanua


Kwanua is a Pre and Postnatal Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor who's Fitness journey began ten years ago while working as a Brand Manager for a Media Company.

Kwanua quickly fell in love with the Pilates repertoire and reveled in the benefits of strength training. Inspired by the changes in her own body and determined to live a more balanced lifestyle, Kwanua decided to leave her corporate job so she could start helping people improve their health and fitness.

Kwanua lives and works in SOMA. When she’s not working, Kwanua loves playing with her two ‘boys’ husband Avery and 3-Year old son Kaiden.