OMpower yoga fuses breath, sweat, and spirit to create an empowering practice, cultivating physical strength, peace of mind, and an opportunity to “lighten up.”

The OMpower yoga program features a variety of vinyasa-style classes, a fluid practice in which postures flow in a creative, rhythmic sequence, linking breath with movements. 

You can expect dynamic sequencing, good tunes, and diverse class offerings. 

Our experienced team of teachers come from a variety of backgrounds, combining athleticism, philosophy, mindfulness with compassion and humor to offer a well-rounded, holistic experience on the mat. 

We offer yoga for everybody and every body: all levels welcome! Whether your Downward Dog is brand new or has been around the block a few times, we’ve got a class and teacher to inspire you.

OMyoga: fierce flow 

Fierce flow classes are for students who want a more vigorous class.  Typically a faster-paced class. 

The class moves through a sequence of poses, linking breath to movement.  This fast-paced class builds strength, flexibility and stamina, while helping to develop mental resilience and quieting the internal chatter of the mind. 

Duration: 60, 75 or 90 minutes  //  Class level: All levels  //  Class Type: Cardio/Flexibility/strength

OMyoga: vinyasa 

A dynamic, physically energizing form of yoga that is characterized by flowing sequences that are linked to breath.  

Duration: 60 or 75 minutes  //  Class level: All levels  //  Class Type: Flexibility/strength

OMyoga: flow 

Slightly more vigorous than a traditional hatha class and suitable for all levels. In this class you will find linked poses that will lead you to build strength, flexibility and balance.   

Duration: 60 or 75//  Class level: All levels  //  Class Type: Flexibility/strength

OMyoga: hatha

Typically a slower-paced class, suitable for all levels. Students will find steadiness and ease as they practice their asana (physical practice) with guided alignment cues, flowing sequences, and adjustments to make their experience nourishing.

Duration: 60 minutes  // Class level: All levels  //  Class Type: Flexibility

OMyoga: restorative

A slow, gentle practice that promotes well being, bringing a healing balance to the body, mind and spirit. Ideal for beginners, seniors, individuals recovering from injury, as well as more experienced yogis and athletes – designed to improved performance, recovery time and injury prevention.

In restorative yoga, props are used to support the body so that you can hold poses for longer, allowing you to open your body through passive stretching. 

Duration: 60 minutes  //  Class level: All levels  //  Class Type: Flexibility 


Private Instruction:

There are times when it’s appropriate to consider private instruction.  These times include when a student:

  • Is just starting to practice
  • Is recovering from injury, surgery or illness
  • Is seeking to move past plateaus in their practice
  • Wishes to work more deeply on a particular aspect of their practice

Please contact us at 415-543-POWR (7697) or email to set up a private session.