Why OMpower?

OMpower is a cOMmunity of like-minded people who strive for greater awareness, passion, purpose, and connection – smart, empowered athletes and yogis who have a hunger for a life fully lived.

OMpower is beginning a new chapter, one no longer confined to four walls. As a studio, we were unique in bringing the versatility and size of a larger fitness center to the intimacy and care found in smaller, boutique studios. We are ready to break the mold again. The whole bay area is our new playground! Our yoga program lives at one of our favorite yoga teacher's design studio: LOCZIdesign. Our circuit training, erg rowing, and water rowing classes have found a new hOMe at the Pacific Rowing Club.  We are also pleased to announce that cOMing soon we will be kicking off a new program for urban day retreats and weekend warrior adventures. 

We also have a new partnership with LOCZIdesign, one that will seek to foster community development via personal mastery. Explore and follow the tab above!

Let's find the OM in every mOMent...

conscious fitness in san francisco integrates...? 




ROW (erg + water)







What is OMpower?

OMpower is a cutting-edge fitness community and lifestyle brand based in San Francisco, founded by recovering triathlete, yogi and Integrative Rehabilitation specialist, Jennifer Kartiganer.