Why OMpower?

OMpower is a cOMmunity of like-minded people who strive for greater awareness, passion, purpose, and connection – smart, empowered athletes and yogis who have a hunger for a life fully lived.

OMpower is unique in that it combines versatility and size ofwith the intimacy and care found in smaller, boutique studios. Our group x classes range from High Intensity Interval Training to Candlelight Vinyasa & Meditation, and everything in between. Our Personal Training program is infinitely customizable and extends to private yoga, nutrition, and mindfulness practices. Seemingly antipodal disciplines here converge in the creation of mindful athletes, working in different worlds to their workouts, and working out to work in the world we share. The often-invoked trinity of separates: 'mind-body-spirit' presupposes divisions; the OMpowered life begins from a place of and for fusion, connection, harmony. Our approach to conscious fitness necessitates a disregard for traditional borders, including the very walls of our hOMe at the corner of Townsend and 2nd. Ompower is not so much a place but a verb, to be fully empowered and driven by something greater than yourself.

We provide you with the space, skills and support to fuse athleticism and grace, to transcend your limitations, and to transform your life – one ride, one stride, one breath at a time.

Let's find the OM in every mOMent...

conscious fitness in san francisco integrates...? 


CYCLE (cardio, conditioning)   

ROW (endurance, power)

TRX (strength, tone, sculpt)

CIRCUIT/HIIT (core, agility, conditioning)

YOGA (flexibility, balance)

MEDITATION (mindfulness, presenscing)

PERSONAL TRAINING / CLASSES (total body transformation)

What is OMpower?

OMpower is a cutting-edge, community-centered indoor cycling, yoga and fitness studio based in San Francisco, founded by recovering triathlete, yogi and Integrative Rehabilitation specialist, Jennifer Kartiganer.