TRX Express

This TRX Suspension Training class features a full-body strength training program designed to work the major muscle groups in half the time. TRX Express is a perfect training session for those that are on-the-go or for those looking to create a “hot start” leading into another training modality like yoga or cycling.

TRX Strength

The goal of this class is to build muscular endurance and power through a slower-paced format that focuses on building strength over time through training slow- and fast-twitch muscle fibers. Outcomes include increased greater strength and a boost for your metabolism. Utilizing the TRX Suspension Trainer, this is a perfect workout for those looking to take their strength game up a notch!

TRX cOMplete

This class is designed to accommodate all fitness levels and goals. Students can expect to accomplish a full body workout at the same time they improve their competency in the key components of physical fitness: strength, endurance, balance, mobility, flexibility, core and cardio conditioning, both on and off the straps. This class is a stand-alone workout that translates well to other athletic activities.

TRX Mobility Lab

Class begins by exploring the way you currently move and giving you the tools to level up! Each week we will focus on a specific movement (i.e. squat, plank, etc...) during the first few minutes of class and then integrate what you've learned throughout the lab. When you learn what to focus on as you move, the workouts and exercises we execute together in class and any activities or sports you participate in outside of the studio will yield better results and fewer injuries. We will accomplish this by using many different modalities (Bodyweight, TRX Suspension Training, medicine balls, etc). Come build a better plank, push-up, squat, lunge, and more while still having fun!