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Headquartered in San Francisco and inspired by a convergence of disciplines, ACTIVATE : SPACE brings together experts across fields to host classes, events, workshops and panel discussions intended to enrich, inspire and educate. We take a multi-disciplinary approach offering insights from experts in fields ranging from wellness to art & design, leadership & activism, and more.

Our Second Event is cOMing up!

BEGINS 3/1/18

2017 has brought with it heightened levels of anxiety, fear and anger. Yoga is the practice of bringing awareness to these fear-based states and redirecting them to love through compassion and wisdom. Yoga begins with uniting your mind, body and breath, the other limbs of the practice encourage study and coming together in community Study and discussion are valid and necessary support systems on the path towards yoga. In this workshop Shannon Bronson will hold space to practice asana and guide discussions and meditations using His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Howard Cutler's text The Art of Happiness in a Troubled World as a guide.

Shannon is yogini, artist and mother. She’s dedicated her life to interweaving these paths to invent intelligent and compassionately creative platforms to change the world in positive ways.

Shannon's life radically blossomed when she fully embraced yoga. Yoga became the sanctuary in which healed her own traumas. Her practice evolved into the foundation upon which she left the Urban Design world to master yoga’s gifts in order to share it with others.

Shannon understands that to be a great teacher is to also be continual student. She has a B.A. in Studio Art from the University of Puget Sound, a Masters in Landscape Architecture from the University of Texas at Austin and an RYT500 from Triveni Yoga. Triveni is a vinyasa-based style of yoga that combines asana, meditation with a focus on the subtle body to profoundly transform the practitioner inside and out. She travels internationally with the Triveni team to teach teacher trainings and conduct art, yoga and meditation workshops.

Shannon bows to the lotus at the feet of her teachers Jessica and Stéphane Dreyfus, Elise Lorimer and Betty Roi for sending their light into her life.


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Our First Event is cOMing up!

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Hear from an Olympian, international business coach, educator change-agent, celebrity chef and award-winning designer. Find out what they do to get where they are today.

EXPLORE what personal practices cultivate curiosity and how those motivate into action.

INQUIRE what sparks your attention and what gifts you have to share.

DISCOVER how we can “design a better world" together.



Music provided by: the delightful and dynamic Akasha

Art: LOCZIdesign is honored to host a wonderful set of artists including: Rebekah GoldsteinElektraSteel, Rhonda Holdberton, Shannon BronsonSedonya Kay and Gabriel Dunne

Doors at 6:00PM

Panel at 7:00PM

Mix and Mingle until 9:00PM