A team-based indoor rowing class performed on the Concept2 rowing ergometer. Our OMpower coaches guide students through a full-body endurance workout that recruits all major muscle groups, ultimately providing a complete workout for both beginners and advanced athletes.  Our experienced coaches teach with the same team mentality that you would find as if you were rowing on the water.


This is a total-body training circuit that utilizes the TRX Suspension Trainer and the Concept2 Rower, driving balanced strength and greater cardio performance to propel your athleticism forward. The combination of strength and cardiovascular training provides students with the tools they need to overcome plateaus, create diversity in their workouts and build new neuromuscular connections. This is a perfect class for those looking to mix things up.


High.Intensity.Interval.Training pairs multidiscipline circuits with rowing intervals on the Concept2 rowing ergometer. Aimed to get you to step up your fitness to the next level, get ready to work on all facets of fitness: Strength, Flexibility, Cardio, Endurance and Power.